Community Building
Workshops for Children:

Bullying does not have to be a part of school life. Through a series of songs, games and stories from around the world, Joanie leads children on a journey of acceptance of both the “other” on the opposite side of the world, and the “other” in our classroom. Building a kind world starts with how we treat each other. We might look the same as each other but be very different, or we might look different than each other but be very similar. In either case, we can learn to get along and appreciate each other. Drawing on the ethics and morals of many religions, this program is very suited to Religious School activities.



What People Are Saying!

"I thought the presentation was great and others told me the same. I think the children in our church would have come across this material before in Sunday School and in our worship services and will continue to do so, but your presentation today was likely the most engaging and focused on that topic in a way that was ideally accessible for that age group. And, I think it is a message we can never repeat enough. Having their Sunday School teachers there and some parents I think is great for encouraging ongoing discussion. And I’d love to bring in some of the songs you did today for our summer Vacation Bible School program."
- Debra M, Mennonite Church, Columbus, OH