School Assemblies

(Assemblies generally 60 minutes long)


It’s Cool To Be Kind

(and It’s Okay To Be Different)

Building a kind world starts with how we treat each other. We might look the same as each other but be very different, or we might look different than each other yet be very similar. In either case, we can learn to get along and appreciate each other. This program is full of interactive songs, stories and games and a whole lot of humor!

All About America

An inter-active trip through America’s history, exploring songs and stories from all the people and cultures that make up the beautiful patchwork quilt of this country.

Everyday Heroes

A fun, musical examination of what a hero is through songs and traditional folk stories. Heroes don’t always wear capes!

The Three Rs:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Interactive songs and stories from around the world, about caring for our environment, planet earth and all its inhabitants. People have taken care of the earth and the environment throughout history, and this program presents children with numerous practical ways for them to become environmental stewards in their own lives. Perfect for Earth Day Assemblies (or any time of the year!)

A Musical Trip Around the World

Fun does not know any language barrier or country’s border! We tour the world in an interactive concert of games, songs, puppet shows and stories of how people everywhere know how to laugh and be friends.

Holiday Programs

Songs and dances from around the world for a musical experience of local and/or international holidays. Some examples are:

  • Fall Fun – Halloween Hoots, And Harvest Celebrations Around The World
  • Winter Holidays Around the World – Lighting Up the Dark
  • Hibernation – Songs and Stories for the Dark, Quiet Times
  • Springtime – When the World Wakes Up
  • Independence Day – Summertime and the Living Is Easy!
    (One Hour sessions)



For 7 – 10 year olds: exploration of rhythm and drumming. We will take a musical trip to different parts of the world’s music as we learn traditional rhythms and songs, while experiencing drum circles, orchestrating stories, and playing musical games, with the help of drums, boomwhackers and other percussion instruments from around the world.

(45 minute sessions, 6 session minimum)


Using the movement-based learning system of Dalcroze Eurythmics to kinesthetically teach and reinforce musical terms and rhythm concepts, we will explore musical contrasts and develop our listening skills. Each class combines poems, chants, songs, folkdances, creative movement, and active listening to world and instrumental musical pieces. Interactive fun!

(60 minute sessions, 6 session minimum)


An interactive, musical trip through America's history, using songs, stories and games. Our journey starts with Native American culture, and continues through America's history from all over our continent, ending up here today!

(60 minute sessions, 3 session minimum)


We will learn about the countries of the world through their folk songs, dances, and stories. These classes introduce children to other languages through the folk songs and poems of various countries. Optional: We will create percussion instruments from recycled materials from each of the countries, and explore the rhythms of the language through the rhythms of their music.

(90 minute sessions, 6 session minimum)


Join Joanie to explore the easiest forms of song-writing, integrating melody, rhythm, and language learning, to produce the children’s own creations!

(90 minute sessions, 2 session minimum)


Fun-filled interactive folk songs from all over the world, where the audience helps create the program through “zipper” songs, (songs that the audience writes on the spot by suggesting alternate lyrics that can be “zipped” into the song), through movement instructions in the song itself, and through story songs that are acted out spontaneously. Something for everyone in this multi-generational experience! (You can even custom-make the event and request a specific topic!)


What People Are Saying!

"Children were totally electrified."
- Columbus Metropolitan Library

" Wonderful class, my children enjoyed it and learned new musical concepts."
- Parent, Dublin Arts Council class

"Great show as always! You are so goofy the audience just sings and
laughs along with you."
- Grandview Public Library

"That was a blast!"
- Eight-year old at a birthday party