Jewish Audiences

Our world is currently inundated with people with autism and other neurological differences. As a parent of a young adult with autism and a musician, I lead “concert-conversations” about the complexity of creating inclusive communities that can work for all our members. I share original songs and folk stories from our Jewish heritage, showing how our ancestors were cognizant of the need to encompass all the members of the shtetl.

This session is for educators, family members, and community members who may have individuals with autism in your own home, in your classroom, or in your broader community. We will sing a lot and converse a lot! While strategies and “best practices” may be considered, this is more a philosophical support session and discussion than a teaching session. As it is said nowadays, it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes all of us supporting each other to create and maintain a world that welcomes ALL children and their families.

What People Are Saying!

"Joanie Calem is a singer/songwriter, storyteller and teacher. She has created "Disability Awareness Concerts" where she focuses on raising awareness of inclusivity in classrooms and synagogues through song. She also offers workshops and "Concert Conversations" for parents and teachers. Joanie’s sessions at New CAJE were received with interest and positive outcomes. She is a caring and devoted educator, with a unique approach to inclusion that tugs at the heartstrings."