For Therapists

An increasing number of children (1 in 6*) are diagnosed with a variety of learning, neurological and behavioral “disorders” (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, ACES, PTSD etc.)

While some people discover strategies to help themselves maneuver the world with their sensory processing challenges, many grow up to be adults grappling with unresolved sensory bombardment that often leads to mental health issues.

Joanie offers a unique and moving workshop for clinical staff. Through her in-depth presentation about SPD, ACEs and PTSD she creates a safe space for honest and unpretentious conversation where therapists can hear the angle of a parent of an atypical child, information that is often implied in counseling sessions but not always openly spoken about.


What People Are Saying!

"I was especially moved by the song, "You Have No Idea". The song beautifully articulates the uniqueness of the experience of children with sensory differences, their deep wish to be "good", their wish to please and be well adjusted and at the same time the impossibility of the task. The song was the voice calling for acceptance, love and understanding. As therapists who sometimes assume to be experts in what we do this was a vivid reminder of how little we really know and a reminder to tread lightly and humbly."
- Dalya T, MSW Ithaca, NY