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Classrooms should be places that provide a safe environment for all types of learners, but that isn’t always easy to accomplish. In reality, our classrooms are full of neuro-diversity, and often include children with many diagnoses, such as:
ADD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ACES, PTSD, OCD, PDD, ODD, LD, etc.

Joanie’s workshops provide in-depth background to behaviors that are caused by sensory overload, and strategies to help us as teachers create sensory friendly classrooms. When we are able to see beyond challenging behaviors we can reach and engage the our students.

Every Child In Their Own Way: How to Teach a Lesson that Reaches All Learners
Do you find it challenging to accommodate the full range of learning styles in your classes? Joanie will share tools and approaches for presenting classroom information in a way that all students can access.

Equity and Inclusion in Schools… Invisible Barriers to Learning
Joanie uses songs, stories and conversation to support teachers who now need to integrate a multitude of invisible learning barriers, such as autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and PTSD, etc in their classrooms. Combining practical tools, background information, classroom strategies, and activities to share with children, this presentation is applicable to every age of student and grade level.

It’s Cool to Be Kind
When difference is valued rather than teased and bullied, children will accept the challenge of creating and maintaining kind, compassionate communities. Using songs, games and interactive musical stories, Joanie shares a repertoire of age appropriate material to help actively guide children in developing the social skills needed to appreciate uniqueness.

Different is Not Dangerous
Through simple songs and stories, Joanie provides a curriculum of material from around the world, intended to teach children that though someone may come from a different country, dress differently and speak in a different language, we can all still get along.

frameJoanie Calem is a parent, teacher, songwriter and disability awareness advocate. Joanie leads teacher workshops on Autism awareness and Sensory Processing Disorder, how they impact children in school classrooms and other public places, and practical tools that busy teachers can use to help these children and the rest of their classrooms run a little smoother. Joanie also leads workshops on how to use music in multiple ways: to help alleviate classroom overload, to supplement academic subjects, to offer classroom breaks and to create inclusive classroom communities.

For more information, Joanie can be contacted at, or by phone at 614-208-6731.

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What People Are Saying!

"I learned so much in the teacher’s workshop that Ms. Joanie conducted. She let us into her life with her child and explained just how difficult it can be working with children that have and have not been diagnosed with a disability. We need more workshops like hers."
- Ms. Stephanie, Headstart teacher, Columbus, OH

"Educators attend plenty of in-services that try to tackle how to make the classroom inclusive, but many times these in-services lack practical solutions. Joanie’s campfire like atmosphere provides a warm and supportive environment to explore real-life stressors with empathy and community. I was blown away by Joanie’s “concert-conversation!” A wonderful way to spend a few hours."
- Becky F, Elementary School Aide, New Albany, OH.

"Joanie's presentation perfectly blends a Mother's heartfelt experience with the challenges Teachers face in the classroom, providing practical strategies to build understanding and compassion."
- Mary S. Director of Discovery School, San Antonio TX